The importance of Warehouse Safety Guard railing

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Why Guard Rail is a sound investment in protecting your people and property. 

Safety guard rail provides a physical and visual barrier in your warehouse. The goal of any facility is to be safe and avoid accidents. Our guard rail system is a low cost investment as compared to the possible hard and soft costs of property damage. It doesn't take long to justify implementing safety guarding when you begin to compile the list of costs that it can prevent. 

As a company your building, capital equipment and physical inventory can represent over half of your assets. An economical way to protect all three is to place protective guard rail in areas where forklift traffic is most likely to impact any of the three. The other major component is employee safety. Your most important asset, your people will benefit from implementing safe driving practices and leveraging the safety of installing guard railing. The average weight of a loaded forklift moving through a warehouse is 10,000 lbs. moving at an average speed of 4 m.p.h. Most importantly, the load causes the driver to have many blind spots. The following common questions will help you with a starting point to start thinking of where placing guard rail may help you prevent future accidents in your facility. 

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What areas are common for Guard Rail placement in a warehouse/manufacturing setting?

  •  Pedestrian walkways
  •  Implant offices
  •  Workstations
  •  Sensitive machinery
  •  End of rack aisles
  •  Conveyor lines
  •  Mezzanines

Top 5 things Guard Rail protects

  •  People
  •  Building walls
  •  Valuable equipment
  •  Pallet Racking
  •  Physical Inventory