Protecting your Warehouse Racking from impact damage

Protect your Pallet Racking System

To get the most life out of the pallet racking in your warehouse, prevent damage to equipment, and avoid injuries, taking proper care of your pallet racking system should be a top priority. In large warehouses, pallet racking poses huge risks to the safety of yourself and fellow employees.

Forklift damage is the most common type of pallet rack damage, which generally results in loss of expensive equipment and employee injuries. This generally happens because the pallet racking systems cannot withstand the heavy impacts of the forklifts, be it either high speed or low speed collisions. One of the extreme cases that can occur is the collapse of the whole racking system which not only results in injuries but also leads to loss of product, rack repair costs, and company downtime.  In order to protect your racks from collisions, there are products which can help to protect your racks from the impact of forklifts.

Here are some of the steps you can take for pallet upright rack protection:

· Push through protectors should be used to ensure some free available space between the pallets and the wall. This protection also becomes important to fight against fire or other damages.

·For proper rack protection, you need safety pins. These safety pins help to secure the beams to the frames of the pallet racking system. These pins prevent the beams from accidentally bending or collapsing during unloading or other tasks.

·Using floor mounted rack protectors and floor mounted post protectors will maximize your rack column protection.