2000 Series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine

2000 Series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® 2000 series Mobile Pallet Wrapper is ideal for applications that have a variety of pallet lengths. You also have the ability to bring the machine to the pallets and be able to stow it away when not in use. 

The unit is a true semi-automatic machine and has an auto pallet height sensor, 250% film pre-stretch and a variable drive motor that drives the machine around the pallet as it wraps. 

It will greatly improve wrap consistency and productivity vs. hand wrapping and provides a flexible option compared to traditional turntable style wrappers. 

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Panasonic Touch Screen  Controls top and bottom wrap counts, est. revolution time and dwell height
 Electronic Film Tensioner  Fully adjustable for tighter or looser wrapping 
 Photo Eye Pallet Height Sensor  Automatically senses height of pallet, press start and full cycle will complete
Variable Drive Speed Dials   Control drive speed and carriage raise and lower speed
Safety Bumper Safety belt bumper will shut machine down if it hit an object
110v charging port Easily plug into 110v for charging 
Charge capacity  Up to 250 pallets per charge or 8 hours of use.
Extended Mast  2000 XHT model gives you a taller mast capable of wrapping 95" tall pallets
 Pallet Weight Capacity Unlimited: Machine drives around pallet
 Max Pallet Dimensions Min dims: 24" X 24"  Max Height 84"  No limit on width or length
 Drive Speed Up to 4 ft. per second
 Electronic Film Pre-Stretch 250% film efficiency 
 Machine Shipping Weight 900 lbs. 
 Machine Grade Film 20" tall / 3" core
 Power Source 110v charge /  24V DC system (2 12V batteries)
Min. Turning Clearance   4 feet clear around the pallet
Machine Dimension  31'' W x 68" L x 88" Tall

Why the 2000 Series Mobile Stretch Wrap Machine?

  • An Auto pallet height sensor: Allows your operator to attach the film to the pallet, press start and move on to another task. Greatly inproving labor effciency, packaging quality & production speed vs. hand wrapping and at a budget friendly price.
  • Panasonic Touch Screen: The touch screen display allows you to select your top and bottom wrap counts, your top wrap dwell time* along with your estimated revolution time and manual carraige movements. 
  • True Semi-Automatic: With the photo eye sensor and the preset wrap cycles all you need to do is position the machine, attach the film, and press start. Allows you to move onto more productive tasks instead of running around in cirlces handwrapping. 
  • Variable Speed Dials: There are two simple dial controls to adjust the drive speed and the speed at which the carriage automatically raises and lowers.  
  • Electronic film tensioner: Allows the operator to dial in the tension on the film to either tighten or loosen the film force on the load. 
  • Capability: Wrap any weight pallet and size larger than 24" x 24"! Greatly increase your production, wrapping pallets in under a minute! 
  • Flexibility: Fully customize your wrap, reinforce the top and bottom of your pallets with selectable wrap counts ensuring your product is protected and wrapped efficiently. Adjust the carriage speed to overwrap the top of the pallet to secure your product even more! 
  • Mobility: The great thing about the 2000 series is that you can bring it to your wrapping area and put it away when you don't need it. With a small footprint it can be stored in a 6'x 4' area.

Wrap dwell time*  - The selectable time that the film carriage will stay at the top position to wrap the film over the top of the product to secure it. 

Pre-Stretch Film Technology Savings ROI Excluding Labor Cost Savings

Ft. Per Roll  Pallets Wrapped per Day Film Savings Per Pallet vs. Hand Wrapping Machine Investment Payback in Months 
3000' 20 $2.19  12 months
30 $2.19  8 months
40 $2.19  6 months
50 $2.19  5 months

* Based on avg. roll price of $73.00 for 3000' of 140 gauge and average of 150' film used per pallet with 250% pre-stretch technology.


Wraps Per Day  Labor Savings Per Year Vs. Hand Wrapping 
10  $500.00
20   $1000.00
30   $1500.00
40   $2000.00
50   $2500.00

*Based on average prices for hand wrap or machine film. Averaging < 2 mins to handwrap and < 20 seconds to attach/cut film and press start @ $15.00/hr. wage

Advantages Vs. Hand Wrapping:

  • Redirect your labor time to more productive tasks! - Why waste time running in cirlces getting dizzy when you could be busy loading a truck, pulling more product, or any other more valuable task?
  • Keep your product safer and more secure! - Hand wrapping is tedious and just not fun. Inevitably you'll have wrap inconsistencies that lead to cutting corners and damaged or lost product. 
  • Film and Labor cost savings- by gaining 250% more film efficiency and taking back your worker's time the ROI on the 2000 series can be in as little as a few months depending on your volume. 
  • Huge capacity and production time advantages that translate into time and money saved.

Advantages Vs. Other Pallet Wrappers:

  • Mobility & Capability: You are able to move the machine to and from your wrapping area and you aren't contrained by weight capacities or extra long pallets.
  • Value Conscious: We strive to deliver a machine that can improve your processes without costing as much as some similar mobile wrappers.  
  • Our stretch wrappers ship fully assembled and ready to use. We even pre-program the wrap modes to common settings. 
  • Parts stocked locally in Wisconsin and full time tech phone support​
Full Demo of Handle-It Mobile Robotic Unit