500 Series Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

SWM-SA-500 Stretch Wrapper
SWM-SA-500 Stretch Wrapper

The Handle-It® 500 series is ideal for those who are currently hand wrapping their pallets and know that isn't the answer. The 500 series is a true semi-automatic with an auto pallet height sensor. Easy to adjust dial controls for speed and wrap counts give you the capability and flexibilty to greatly improve your packaging production. See real ROI in a matter of months and say goodbye to tedious and costly handwrapping for good!  

MSRP: $5,800

This is a Retired Model Replaced by the 600 model or 800 model

For pricing call our sales group at: 1-800-236-1080

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This is a Retired Model Replaced by the 600 model or 800 model


 Easy Dial Controls  Adjust turntable & carriage speed along with top & bottom wrap counts 1-10
 Manual Film Tensioner  Fully adjustable for tighter or looser wrapping 
 Carriage Travel Select Mode  Select whether your carriage travels up and down or just in one direction
 Photo Eye Pallet Height Sensor  Automatically senses height of pallet, press start and full cycle will complete
 Fork Pockets  Easy deployment, pockets on front and back of unit
 Home Function  Return your pallet to its original starting point
 Pallet Jack Ramps  Either for manual or electric walk behind pallet jacks
 Integrated Scale Package  Integrated into the frame with a digital display screen with printer enabled jacks

500 Series with an extended ramp for electric walk behind Pallet Jacks

Handle It 500 Series Pallet Wrapper with extended pallet jack ramp for electric walk behinds

 Pallet Weight Capacity  3,000 lbs.
 Max Pallet Dimensions  48" W x 80" L x 86" H  
 Motor Speed 1/2 h.p  10 RPM
 Manual Film Tension  Dial in how tight you want your film to grip the load
 Machine Shipping Weight  1200 lbs. 
 Machine Grade Film  20" tall / 3" core
 Power Source  110v
 Machine Dimensions  60" W x 100" long x 82" tall 
 Turntable Diameter  60"

Why the 500 Series Shrink Wrap Machine?

  • An Auto pallet height sensor: Allows your operator to attach the film to the pallet, press start and move on to another task. Greatly inproving labor effciency, packaging quality & production speed vs. hand wrapping and at a budget friendly price.
  • Easy to Use Dial Controls: It doesn't get any simplier than this! The 500 Series has dial controls for turntable and carriage speed along with top and bottom pallet wrap counts from 1-10.
  • True Semi-Automatic: With the photo eye sensor and the adjust wrap cycles all you need to do is place the pallet, attach the film, and press start. Allows you to move onto more productive tasks instead of running around in cirlces handwrapping. 
  • 3 year warranty: The 500 series has a 3 year warranty, for any service related questions give us a call and our techs will be happy to help. 
  • Manual film tensioner: Allows the operator to dial in the tension on the film to either tighten or loosen the film force on the load. 
  • Capability: Wrap pallets up to 3,000 lbs! Greatly increase your production, wrapping pallets in under a minute! 
  • Flexibility: Fully customize your wrap, reinforce the top and bottom of your pallets with selectable wrap counts ensuring your product is protected and wrapped efficiently. Adjust the carriage speed to overwrap the top of the pallet to secure your product even more!

*Overwrap dwell time: The length of time the carriage will stay above the height of the pallet so that the film wraps over the top and graps downward onto the rest of the load.​​


Wraps Per Day  Labor Savings Per Year Vs. Hand Wrapping 
10  $500.00
20   $1000.00
30   $1500.00
40   $2000.00
50   $2500.00

*Based on average prices for hand wrap or machine film. Averaging < 2 mins to handwrap and < 20 seconds to attach/cut film and press start @ $15.00/hr. wage


  • Redirect your labor time to more productive tasks! - Why waste time running in cirlces getting dizzy when you could be busy loading a truck, pulling more product, or any other more valuable task?
  • See real ROI in a matter of months! This is where the 500 series shines. For a budget friendly investment you can see a real return both in quality of production and especially labor cost. 
  • Keep your product safer and more secure! - Hand wrapping is tedious and just not fun. Inevitably you'll have wrap inconsistencies that lead to cutting corners and damaged or lost product. 
  • Film and Labor cost savings- By optimizing your wrap counts you can significantly reduce the amount of film wasted vs. hand wrapping. Realize huge gains in packaging uniformity.
  • Huge capacity and production time advantages that translate into time and money saved. 


  • Don't be fooled. Similarily priced models don't always have auto pallet height sensors and require the operator to stand at the machine moving the carriage up and down the pallet
  • 3 year warranty: Pallet wrappers in this price range rarely come with more than a 1 year warranty and getting any help if your machine has trouble can prove very difficult.
  • Our stretch wrappers ship fully assembled and ready to use. Some of the other models in this price range require assembly. 
  • Scale package ready: Few if any models in this price range have options for digital integrated scale packages.
  • Max pallet load size: Many models in this price range restrict the length of the pallets wrapped to just standard sizes. The 500 series can handle pallets up to 80" long! 

3 Step Operation -- It's that Easy! 

  1. Set Top and Bottom Wrap Counts
  2. Set Turntable and Carriage motor speeds
  3. Press green start button 

Photo eye will automatically raise and lower the film carriage until the cycle is complete


The 500 series has a 3 year warranty, for any service related questions give us a call and our techs will be happy to help.