800 Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

Handle it 800 stretch wrapper
Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap machine by Handle It
800 pallet wrapper rear view
Control board for 800/850PS semi-auto stretch wrappers
electromagnetic stretch film carriage

The Handle-It® Model 800 offers all of the top-of-the-line functions and features as the 850PS but with an electro-mechanical brake tensioner for film stretch. This model is ideal for medium level operations. Standard features on the 800 include 4400lb capacity, 86” max wrap height, user-friendly control panel, electronic film tension, and many other elements cleverly designed to make this unit a must-have in any facility looking to improve and streamline their packaging operations.

3 year warranty

Electromagnetic Film Tension up to 150% film stretch

4400lb capacity

MSRP: $5,800

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  • 100 maximum average loads per day
  • 93" maximum load size diagonal
  • 86" maximum load wrap height -98" extended height available.
  • 4400lb maximum load weight capacity


  • Turntable speed 3-13 RPM
  • 59" Turntable size
  • 3/4 HP TEFC Turntable Drive Motor
  • 110v standard plug 
  • Machine size 93"L x 59" W x 88" H

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  • Electronic printed circuit board for the management of the cycle
  • Frequency controller for turntable speed adjustment (from 3 to 13 RpM)
  • Frequency controller for carriage speed adjustment (speed going up and speed going down can be set differently)
  • Turntable size 59”
  • Electromagnetic brake for film stretching
  • Photocell for pallet height detection
  • Safety stop at the base of the carriage
  • Stop at home position
  • Power board IP54
  • 2 access keys (including lock mode)
  • Adjustable parameters by the control panel: cycle selection, bottom turns, top turns, rotation speed, carriage speed going up, carriage speed going down, film tension.
  • Many parameters available at upper password level
  • Reinforcing operation
  • 3 working cycles: ascent/descent; topsheet; only ascent
  • 9 wrap programs can be saved by the customer
  • 9 additional recordable playback cycles can be saved


  • Rack and Pinion carriage drive require little to no maintenance vs. typically chain drives
  • Integrated control board makes repair and diagnosis easier and reduces machine down time
  • Electric Variable Film Tension to perfectly dial in your film force.  
  • Heavy Duty Carriage Rollers & Self Lubricating turntable bearings 
  • Easily moved with forklifts and plugs into standard 110v wall outlets.
  • 3 year parts warranty, parts stocked in Milwaukee
  • Simple film threading and intuitive controls
  • Pallet wrapped counter so you can track load throughput

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  • Integrated Scale to weigh pallet loads (SWS-0850-ASM)
  • Loading Ramp for hand pallet jacks (SWM-SA-STDRMP) **add the deck extension if using electric walk behinds (SWM-EXD)
  • Extended Max Wrapping Height 98" (XHT)

Loading Ramp Shown with the deck extension if you use electric walk behind pallet jacks:

Shown with ramp and deck extension for electric walk behind pallet jacks. 

Model Number SWM-SA-0800
 Wrap Height  86" 
 Turntable Diameter 59" 
 Max Pallet Size 48'' x 80'' (93" Diagonal) 
 Turntable Height 3'' 
 Load Capacity  4400 lbs
 Mechanical Tension stretch 150% 
 Power Supply  110v , 10 amp
 Total Machine Footprint  93" long x 60" wide
 Machine Weight 600 lbs 
 Turntable speed 3-13rpm
Programmable Modes 18
Film Type 20" machine film with 3'' core, 70 + gauge
  • How many loads per day can this model wrap?  This model is rated to wrap up to a max average of 100 loads per day.
  • What is the max weight and size pallet that it can wrap? You can wrap pallets up to 4400lbs and that have a max diagonal of 93"
  • What type of film should we use for this machine? The machine uses 20" machine film we suggest 70 gauge film or thicker.
  • What power requirements are needed? All of our machines plug into standard 110v outlets.
  • Is there any setup or installation when I receive the machine? Our machines ship fully assembled, tested, and ready to use with common wrap cycles preloaded.
  • What type of support do you offer? We carry parts in stock for quick shipment and we have full time tech support
How to use 800 model stretch wrap machine
Quick Demo of the 800 model stretch wrapper
Playback mode demo for Handle It 800/850
  • 3 Year Parts Warranty
  • Parts stocked in Milwaukee