Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrap Machine

Handle It offers a non-conveyorized portable automatic stretch wrapper. The operator sets the pallet down onto the turntable and with a remote control can start the wrap cycle. The machine will automatically attach, wrap, cut, and then finally hot weld seal the film tail. This unit helps streamline your wrapping process and allows the driver to stay on the forklift. 


The Handle It FA 4400 is a fully automatic rotary arm machine with conveyor top and PLC controls. Capable of 50 pallets per hour production. 

FA 4000 Automatic Conveyor Pallet Wrapper

The Handle It FA 4000 is a fully automatic turntable machine with conveyor top and PLC controls. Capable of 30 pallets per hour production. 


Handle It model 1100AA-C automatic pallet wrapping machine

1100AA-C Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle It automatic stretch wrapper Model 1100AA-C is remote controlled allowing you to perform the entire wrapping cycle without getting off of your forklift. More information on the model 1100AA-C