Handle-It® Ergonomic Skid Lifter

HIET-E222748 Electric power skid lifter
HIET-M222748 Manual pump skid lifter
Electric Skid Lift Pallet Jack
Ergonomic Electric Skid Lift Pallet Jack
Battery Indicator Electric Skid Lift
Simple plug for charging

Handle It offers budget friendly egronomic skid lifters for applications where you need the convenience of a skid lift but need something more economically priced all while not giving up reliability. We offer both regular and narrow forks in either electric hydraulic or manual lift. 

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Features and Applications

  • Single Piece Piston for added reliability 
  • Electric version comes with a maintenance free 60 AH battery and smart charger
  • Closed forks and sturdy steel construction
  • Ergonomically designed handles 
  • Sortations and Picking areas
  • Assembly areas

Basic Specifications:

  • 2200lb capacity
  • 31.5" max lift height
  • 3.5" lowered height
  • Available in either 27" or 21" wide
  • Single Piece Cylinder for added durability
  • Closed fork tips and reinforced chassis for long life
HIET-M222148 2200 21" W X 48'' L 31.5" 3.5"
HIET-M222748 2200 27" W X 48'' L 31.5" 3.5"
HIET-E222148  2200  21" W X 48" L  31.5"  3.5"
HIET-E222748  2200  27" W X 48" L  31.5"  3.5"