Semi-Automatic Turntable Pallet Wrappers

Semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines greatly improve your packaging process. The machine automatically wraps the pallet once the operator loads the turntable and attaches the film. Then simply push the start button to begin the wrapping. The machine has a sensor to see the product and will wrap from top to bottom. We offer a machine for every budget and application from entry level to heavy use! Click on the model pages below to learn more. 

Handle It 600 stretch wrapper

600 Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® Model 600 is a great entry level semi-automatic pallet wrapper suited for up to 35 loads per day. More information on the Model 600


Handle it 800 stretch wrapper

800 Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® Model 800 is our mid-level semi-automatic option, rated for up to 100 loads per day and is one of our most popular options. More Information on the Model 800 

Handle It stretch wrapper 850PS

850PS Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Handle-It® Model 850PS adds a powered film pre-stretch carriage (250% stretch). This greatly improves film efficiency and lowers total cost of your pallet wrapping. The 850PS is rated for 100 pallets per day. More Information on the Model 850PS

1100AC Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine

The Model 1100AC is our heavy duty model rated for up to 300 pallets per day. 250% film pre-stretch and an automatic film cutter is standard. The powerful controls can completely customize your wrap cycle to fit your needs. More Information on the model 1100AC  

Ultra Low Pallet wrapper

1200UL Ultra Low Profile Stretch Wrap Machine

The 1200UL pallet wrapping machine has a patented ultra-low frame, less than 3/4" high making it the easiest machine to load and unload on the market. It is rated for up to 200 loads per day. More Information on the 1200UL

Digital display board for stretch wrapper scale

Pallet Wrapping Machine with Scale

All Handle It low profile turntable style stretch wrap machines can be installed with integrated scales. By combing the pallet wrapper and scale into one machine you reduce handling time and accuractely measure the pallet weight.