Stretch Wrap Machine with built in Scale

Digital display board for stretch wrapper scale

All Handle It low profile turntable style stretch wrap machines can have a factory installed scale package. We integrate the scale into the frame of the unit and mount a digital display into the mast that accurately shows your pallet weight.

Scale is built into the frame of the stretch wrapper

Fast and accurate measurements

Ship fully assembled and calibrated from the factory!

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Integrated Digital Scales can be installed on most all of our turntable style pallet wrappers. Below is a list of the models and the scale part numbers for each machine.


Machine Type Pallet Wrapper Model Number Scale Part Number Optional 4" Label Printer 
Entry Level 35 loads per day


Mid Level up to 100 loads per day


Heavy duty up to 300 loads per day


Fully Automatic up to 300 loads per day



Why Get a stretch wrap machine with a scale?

  • Increased efficiency by eliminating handling time. - Take out the extra step of using a stand alone floor scale.
  • Our display can be hooked up to label printers to be attached to the load
  • Accurate and fast measurements
  • Save space by having two machines in one!

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The integrated scale package has a 3 year warranty, for any service related questions give us a call and our techs will be happy to help.