Warehouse Guard Rail Systems | Pallet Rack Protectors | Safety Barriers

Safety Warehouse Guard rail

Heavy Duty Warehouse Guard Rail

Handle-It Heavy Duty best selling Guard rail system. Rated to withstand 10,000lb impacts at 4 mph. Our guarding system will protect your employees and assets. Learn More

Handle It Warehouse Crash Guarding

Medium Duty Warehouse Guard Rail

Our medium duty  safety guard rail provides a cost effective steel safety barrier in your facility. Protect pedestrian walkways, machinery, inplant buildings, and mezzanines from forklift accidents. Learn More

End of Row Rack Guards

End of Aisle Pallet Rack Guards & Protectors

Original Handle-It® Safety End of Aisle Rack Protectors & Rack guards protect your warehouse racks aisles from dangerous and costly forklift...

Pallet racking upright guard

Pallet Rack Upright Protector

Handle-It Pallet Rack Post Protectors are designed to protect the rack uprights from being hit by forklift traffic, or pallets that are stored in...

Handle it oversize footplate upright guard

Universal Rack Post Protector

Handle-It Universal post protectors are designed to fit on any type of warehouse rack base plate, specifically designed for seismic plates so that...

Handle It v-nose guard

V-Nose Guard Post Protector

Handle It V-Nose Guards provide superior protection to the posts in your racking aisles. They are designed to withstand impact from forklifts...

Steel Surface Mount Bollards

Handle-It Surface mount steel bollards are used as impact protection for various areas in your warehouse. With a minimal footprint they can be...

Floor Mounted barrier

12” Tall Floor-Mounted Barriers

Floor Mounted Barriers provide reinforced protection that is mounted flush to the floor. The flush design that is 12'' tall keeps product and...

Handle It Plastic HDPE column guard

HDPE Plastic Column Protector

Handle-It® HDPE Column Protectors are designed to easily install around your warehouse columns and provide impact protection from fork truck...

Pallet Rack Upright Corner Guard

Corner Column Protector

Handle-It®  Corner Column Protectors are designed as a flexible way to protect warehouse rack frames, wall corners, and doorways. They are powder...

Steel Bolt On Protectors

Steel Bolt On Protectors

Handle It offers Steel Bolt on Protectors as a space-saving deflector that keeps the floor clear and enables you to install the protection at the...

HDPE Post Upright Rack Protector

HDPE Post Upright Rack Protector

Handle-It HDPE Post Rack Protectors are designed to protect the rack uprights from being damaged by forklift traffic, or pallets that are stored...

Shallow Profile Upright Post Protector

Shallow Profile Upright Post Protector

Our Shallow Profile Column guards offer in aisle rack post protection without taking up a large footprint of your aisle.

Handle-It® HDPE Bollard Sleeve

Handle-It® HDPE Bollard Sleeve

Our Bollard sleeves provide a simple and effective way to protect the paint on our steel bollards. Eliminating the need for touch up paint if an...

Steel Guide Angles 6” x 4”

Original Handle-It®  Guide Angles protect your warehouse racks aisles from dangerous and costly forklift impacts.
We offer both a Heavy Duty...

Space-Saving End of Aisle Rack Protectors

Handle-It Space Saving Rack Protectors are installed at the end of rack aisles. The unique design allows you to install the guards around the rack...

Safety Warehouse Guarding

Modular Warehouse Safety Barrier System

Build-A-Rail Guard Rails are heavy duty, customizable and easily assembled to protect property from damage due to forklift impact. Build rail...

Over Head Door Track Guards

Over Head Door Track Guards

Overhead door Track Guards are designed to prevent impacts with the sensitive tracks on your warehouse doors. Our design is tapered and has a...