Warehouse Rack Upright Protector

Pallet racking upright guard
Standard vs. wide opening post guards
Wide Seismic Footplate Guards 8.5" clearance
Post Upright Guard wide for oversize footplates 8.5" clearance
Steel warehouse racking post protector rear view

Handle-It Post Rack Protectors are designed to protect the rack uprights from being hit by forklift traffic, or pallets that are stored in the rack bays. We offer sizes to fit around any rack upright width.

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  • Handle-It Post Rack Upright Protectors help prevent damage to rack uprights, shelving uprights, partitions and many other factory and warehouse structures.
  • These heavy steel protectors provide a low cost method of reducing damage to expensive equipment and protecting personnel from falling rack structures hit by moving vehicles.
  • These heavy duty 5 gauge steel protectors are easily mounted by securing to the concrete floor using four ½" diameter wedge anchors (supplied as optional purchase).
  • Handle-It Post Protectors are painted in safety yellow hard glossy finish for a durable attractive appearance.
  • Standard heights Include: 12" 18" & 24" tall.
  • Standard inside dimension width sizes from 4.5"-8.5"
Part Number  Height  Inside Clearance Dim.  Steel Gauge Shipping Weight Lbs. 
P12 12"   4.5" 5 10
P12-6 12" 6'' 5 13
P12-8 12" 8'' 5 15
P18 18" 4.5'' 5 15
P18-6 18" 6'' 5 19
P18-8 18" 8'' 5 22
P24 24" 4.5'' 19
P24-6 24" 6'' 23
P24-8 24" 8'' 28

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Personal and professional customer service is offered on all Handle-It Post Protectors. Our Post Protection carries a one-year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship.